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Associated Chemicals   
Manufacturers of speciality process chemicals, leather additives, enzymes.
Company Details  |  http://www.associatedchemical.com

Gaitonde Group   
Manufacturer of finished leather, leather garments, shoe uppers, shoes etc
Company Details  |  http://www.gaitonde.com

India Chemical Exporters   
Chemicals for leather, fine, paper, x-ray, electroplating, industry, gases.
Company Details  |  http://www.indiachemicalexporters.com

Molchemie Overseas Operation   
Manufacturer of leather chemical, paper chemical, textile chemical etc
Company Details  |  http://www.molchemie.com

Rossari Exports   
Speciality & dye intermediates, dyestuffs, leather & textile auxillaries
Company Details  |  http://www.rossari.com

Stallion Impex Pvt. Ltd. -   
Exporter of textile and leather dyestuffs
Company Details  |  http://www.stallionimpex.com